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35th Meeting of the WGPAT

| March 31 - April 01, 2022 (Virtual meeting)



PETER KOEHLER Freisling, Germany (+)




Proteomics and metabolomics analysis of flours, doughs and breads from wheat, emmer and spelt and using yeast and sourdough fermentation processes (+)
Twan America


Collaborative study using a wide range of matrices for gluten analysis by R5 sandwich ELISA RIDASCREEN® Gliadin (+)
Thomas Weiss, Katharina Scherf


Direct R5 ELISA method for hydrolyzed samples: SENSISpec INgezim Hydrolyzed Gluten (+)
Cristina Romero


Identification of isopeptides between human TG2 and gluten peptides from wheat, rye, and barley (+)
Barbara Lexhaller




How to breed wheat for improving bread proteins in vitro digestibility? (+)
Mélanie Lavoignat


E40-glutenase efficiently detoxifies residual gluten immunogenic peptides in gastrointestinal digesta of soft and durum wheat-based food matrices (+)
Carmen Gianfrani


Treated coeliac patients with persistent gastrointestinal symptoms (+)
Knut E. A. Lundin


Intestinal inflammation and type 1 diabetes: The role of gliadin peptides (+)
Valentina Discepolo


Symposium: Gluten analysis and clinical effects of low gluten doses


Analysis of partially hydrolysed gluten in fermented foods (+)
Katharina Scherf


Clinical effects of low-level gluten exposure – a critical view (+)
Knut E. A. Lundin


The role of bacteria as triggers of coeliac disease (+)
Frits Koning


Everyday management of the gluten free diet (+)
Heidi Urwin


Statements on current developments concerning gluten analysis,
clinical and legal aspects


Update on regulatory issues of gluten (+)
Hertha Deutsch




PETER KOEHLER Esslingen, Germany (+)

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