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34th Meeting of the WGPAT

| Postal, Italy. October 15 - 16, 2020 (Virtual meeting)



PETER KOEHLER Freisling, Germany (+)




Analysis of gluten to detect coeliac disease relevant epitopes (+)
Marie-Christin Lay, Katharina A. Scherf


Wheat lines with specific ATI genes silenced by RNAi and CRISPR-Cas9 for the understanding of their role in Non Celiac Wheat Sensitivity (+)
Stefania Masci, Francesco Camerlengo, Stefano D’Amico, Sandra Denery-Papini, Angela Doherty, Arianna Frittelli, Shahidul Islam, Raviraj M. Kalunke, Domenico Lafiandra, Colette Larré, Roberta Lupi, Wujun Ma, Damiano Martignago, Francesco Sestili, Caroline Spark, Silvio Tundo


Wheat modified for low occurrence of CD epitopes (+)
René Smulders


Looking beyond PWG-gliadin at future reference materials for gluten (+)
Katharina Scherf




Update on clinical studies for the pharmacological treatment of coeliac disease (+)
Detlef Schuppan


Densities of IL4+ and TCRγδ+ T cell subsets as biomarkers of intestinal
mucosa damage in coeliac disease
Serena Vital1, Stefania Picascia, Mariantonia Magli, Renata Auricchio,
Riccardo Troncone, Carmen Gianfrani


Contamination of gluten in the gluten-free diet: a quantitative study in
children with coeliac disease
Chiara Monachesi, Anil K Verma, Giulia Naspi Catassi, Tiziana Galeazzi, Elisa
Franceschini, Valentina Perticaroli, Elena Lionetti, Carlo Catassi


Symposium: Triggers and drivers of coeliac disease


Gliadin and its peptide 31-43 as proinflammatory molecules (+)
Maria Vittoria Barone, Fernando G. Chirdo, Salvatore Auricchio,
Riccardo Troncone


The role of viruses as triggers of coeliac disease (+)
Valentina Discepolo


The role of bacteria as triggers of coeliac disease (+)
Frits Koning


T cell immunology in coeliac disease (the Oslo experience) (+)
Knut E. A. Lundin


Statements on current developments concerning gluten analysis,
clinical and legal aspects


Update on regulatory issues of gluten (+)
Hertha Deutsch




PETER KOEHLER Freisling, Germany (+)

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