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33rd Meeting of the WGPAT

| Urbino, Italy. October 10 - 12, 2019



PETER KOEHLER Freisling, Germany (+)




Markus Lacorn, Thomas Weiss, Paul Wehling, Mark Arlinghaus,
Katharina A. Scherf
International collaborative study on gluten detection using the Total Gluten
ELISA test kit


Angel Cebolla (+)
Monitoring excreted gluten peptides for the management of coeliac disease


Marinus J.M. Smulders, Aurelie Jouanin, Luud J.W.J Gilissen,
Twan A.H.P. America
Eliminating coeliac disease epitopes from gluten




Margaret R. Dunne, Greg Byrne, Fernando G. Chirdo, Conleth Feighery (+)
Coeliac disease pathogenesis: The uncertainties of a well-known immune
mediated disorder


Frida van Megen, Gry Skodje, Marianne Stendahl, Marit B. Veierød,
Knut E. Lundin, Christine Henrikse
n (+)
General health and persisting gastrointestinal symptoms in treated coeliac


Elena Lionetti, Niki Antonucci, Michele Marinelli, Beatrice Bartolomei, Elisa Franceschini, Simona Gatti, Giulia Naspi Catassi, Anil K. Verma, Chiara Monachesi, Carlo Catassi (+)
Nutritional status and dietary intake of children with celiac disease on a glutenfree
diet: a case-control, prospective study


Giovanna Del Pozzo, Laura Pisapia, Stefania Picascia, Mariavittoria Laezza,
Federica Farina, Serena Vitale, Pasquale Barba, Carmen Gianfrani
Expression analysis of HLA class II risk genes in relation to the anti-gluten T cell immunity in celiac disease patients


Emanuel Miculán, María F. Gómez Castro, María G. Herrera, Carolina Ruera, Federico Perez, Eduardo D. Prieto, Exequiel Barrera, Sergio Pantano, Paula Carasi, Fernando G. Chirdo (+)
Self-assembly properties may be linked to the in vivo effects of p31-43 gliadin peptide


Olivier Tranquet, Véronique Solé-Jamault, Sandra Denery-Papini (+)
Effects of the spatial organisation (number and distance) of epitopes involved in allergy to hydrolysed wheat proteins on (antibody aggregation and) basophil activation


Roberta Lupi, Sandra Denery, Olivier Tranquet, Stefania Masci, Colette Larré (+)
Production of antibodies against functional recombinant wheat ATIs


Anil K. Verma, Elena Lionetti, Chiara Monachesi, Susanna Latini, Valentina Perticaroli, Elisa Franceschini, Tiziana Galeazzi, Simona Gatti, Carlo Catassi (+)
Gluten contamination in the daily diet of treated celiac disease patients


Symposium Six years of research on ATI - Results and consequences


Detlef Schuppan (+)
Wheat amylase trypsin inhibitors: Drivers of disease


Massimiliano Cuccioloni, Luca Caiazzo, Elena Lionetti, Carlo Catassi, Mauro Angeletti (+)
Functional characterization of amylase trypsin inhibitors from several Triticum
species: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Sabrina Geisslitz, Darina Pronin, Katharina A. Scherf (+)
ATI in wheat cultivars from 1890 to 2010


Statements on current developments concerning gluten analysis,
clinical and legal aspects


Hertha Deutsch (+)
News from Codex and Regulatory Affairs




PETER KOEHLER Freisling, Germany (+)

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