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32th Meeting of the WGPAT

| Ayr, Scotland. September 27 - 29, 2018



PETER KOEHLER Freisling, Germany (+)




Paul Wehling, Harrison Feldkamp (+)
AOAC International update: Gluten in oats method
validation framework


Niklas Weber, Lukas Kraft, Markus Lacorn, Thomas Weiss (+)
RIDASCREEN® Total Gluten R7041


Eszter Schall1, Lívia Hajas1, Kitti Török1, Zsuzsanna Bugyi1, Katharina Scherf2,
Stefano D’Amico3, Regine Schoenlechner3, Peter Koehler4, Roland Poms5, Sándor
Development of a gluten reference material suitable for gluten analytical methods


Isabel Comino1, María Isabel Torres2, Ángela Ruiz-Carnicer1, Verónica Segura1,
Carlos Galera3, Carolina Sousa1, Ángel Cebolla3,4
Comparative reactivity of avenins from different pure oat varieties to gluten R5 and G12 ELISA


Sabrina Geißlitz1, Christina Ludwig2, Katharina A. Scherf1, Peter Koehler3 (+)
Targeted LC-MS/MS reveals similar contents of α- amylase/trypsin-inhibitors in all wheat species except


Barbara Lexhaller1, Christina Ludwig2, Peter Koehler3, Katharina Scherf1 (+)
Pathogenesis of coeliac disease: Identification of isopeptides by LC-MS/MS


Zsófia Birinyi1, Chris Florides2, Jäger Katalin3, Nándor Fodor4, Mariann Rakszegi5,
Ilma-Korponay Szabó6,7, Angéla Juhász1,2, Gyöngyvér Gell1,8
Wheat grain proteins with impact on end-use quality and health attributes show significant responses on
heat, drought and combined stresses




Stefania Picascia1, Gianfranco Mamone2, Riccardo Troncone3,4, Carmen Gianfrani1,4 (+)
High enzymatic digestibility of Triticum monococcum gluten: evaluation of gluten stimulatory properties on T
lymphocytes from coeliac gut mucosa


Valentina Discepolo1*, Mariantonia Maglio2*, Roberta Mandile2, Flavia Imperato2,
Luigi Greco2, Renata Auricchio2, Riccardo Troncone2
Normalisation of serology in potential coeliac disease subjects does not invariably lead to a full normalisation
of intestinal inflammatory signs


Carolina N. Ruera1, Federico Perez1, Luciana Guzman2, Lorena Menendez2, Laura Garbi3, Fernando Chirdo1 (+)
Study of cell death in duodenal mucosa in active coeliac disease


Clélia Villemin1*, Laure Castan1,2*, Marie Bodinier1*, Gregory Bouchaud1* (+)
Deamidated gliadins worsen immune reaction in food allergies


Stephanie Zühlke1,3, Omri Snir2, Eivind Gard Lund1,3, Shiva Dahal-Koirala1,3, Ludvig
M. Sollid1,3, Knut E. A. Lundin1,4
Kinetics and transcriptomics of gluten-specific T cells after gluten challenge


Symposium Wheat Genomics


Angéla Juhász1,2*, Tatiana Belova3*, Iris Fischer4*, Daniel Lang4, Rudi Appels1, Odd-
Arne Olsen3, Klaus F. X. Mayer4, Manuel Spannagl4
The first reference genome sequence for bread wheat


M. J. M. (René) Smulders1, Aurélie Jouanin1, Luud J. W. J. Gilissen2 (+)
Gluten genomics in relation to editing coeliac disease epitopes


Statements on current developments concerning gluten analysis,
clinical and legal aspects


Ombretta Polenghi, Virna Cerne (+)
Gluten-free diet & irritable bowel syndrome


Johan De Meester (+)
On deamidation and hydrolysis of wheat gluten




PETER KOEHLER Freisling, Germany (+)

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