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30th Meeting of the WGPAT

| Valencia, Spain. September 22 - 24, 2016



PETER KOEHLER Freisling, Germany (+)




Cristina M. Rosell (+)
Alternatives for developing gluten-free bakery foods


Xin Huang, Päivi Kanerva, Hannu Salovaara, Tuula Sontag-Strohm (+)
Detection of gluten in products containing barley: A proposal for
C-hordein as reference material


Kathrin Schalk, Christina Lang, Herbert Wieser, Peter Koehler,
Katharina A. Scherf
Quantitation of the 33-mer peptide from α-gliadins in wheat flours by


Tanja Šuligoj, H. Julia Ellis, Paul J. Ciclitira (+)
The gluten content of wheat starches


Alba Muñoz-Suano, Miguel Ángel Síglez, Isabel Comino, Lourdes Moreno,
Ana Real, Carolina Sousa, María Isabel Torres, Elena Quesada-Hernández,
Ángel Cebolla
Comparison of immunomethods for the characterization of gluten
immunogenic peptides in a commercial beer


Barbara Lexhaller, Peter Koehler, Katharina Scherf (+)
Pathogenesis of coeliac disease: complexes between transglutaminase
and gluten peptides


Gyöngyvér Gell, Gábor Veres, Ilma Rita Korponay-Szabó, Angéla Juhász (+)
Potential of non-prolamin storage proteins in coeliac disease


Twan AHP America, Luud JWJ Gilissen, Marinus JM Smulders,
Peter Shewry, Flip van Straaten, Daisy Jonkers, Fred Brouns
Preview of the ‘Well on Wheat?’ (WoW) project




Tiziana Galeazzi, Simona Gatti Caporelli Nicole, Elena Lionetti, Ruggero
Francavilla, Maria Barbato, Paola Roggero , Basilio Malamisura,
Giuseppe Iacono, Andrea Budelli, Rosaria Gesuita, Carlo Catassi1
Oats in the diet of children with coeliac disease: a double-blind,
randomised, placebo-controlled multicenter study


Vikas K. Sarna, Gry I. Skodje, Henrik M. Reims, Louise F. Risnes, Shiva D.
Koirala, Ludvig M. Sollid, Knut E.A. Lundin
A study of morphological and immunological responses to a 14 day gluten
challenge in adults with treated coeliac disease


Gry I. Skodje, Vikas K. Sarna, Ingunn H. Minelle, Kjersti L. Rolfsen, Jane G
Muir, Peter R. Gibson, Marit B. Veierød, Christine Henriksen,
Knut EA. Lundin
A double-blind placebo-controlled cross-over challenge with gluten and
fructans in individuals with self-reported gluten sensitivity


Renata Auricchio, Valentina Discepolo, Roberta Mandile, Maria Maglio,
Luigi Greco, Riccardo Troncone
Natural history and management of potential coeliac disease


Federico Perez, David Diaz Jimenez, Carolina N. Ruera,
Marjorie de la Fuente, Glauben Landskron, Agustina Redondo,
Luciana Guzman, Marcela Hermoso, Fernando Chirdo
Association between IL-33/ST2 axis and active coeliac disease


Nika Japelj, Beatriz Côrtez-Real, Tanja Šuligoj, Wei Zhang, Joachim Messing,
Uma Selvarajah1, Paul J. Ciclitira
Abrogation of coeliac immunogenicity of gluten peptides by amino
acid point substitutions


Johannes Wolf, Norman Haendel, Anne Jurkutat, Carl Elias Kutzner,
Gunter Flemming, Wieland Kiess, Andreas Hiemisch, Antje Körner,
Wolfgang Schlumberger, Joachim Thiery, Thomas Mothes
Estimation of (sero) prevalence of coeliac disease in children and
adolescents in the LIFE Child study cohort


Johannes Wolf, David Petroff, Dirk Hasenclever, Thomas Mothes (+)
Results of the prospective multicentre trial of antibody diagnostics in
coeliac disease (AbCD)


Enzymatic gluten degradation


Eva J. Helmerhorst, Guoxian Wei, Na Tian, Detlef Schuppan (+)
Identification of novel and food-grade gluten-degrading enzymes


Niels Röckendorf, Andreas Frey (+)
Studying kinetics of intestinal gluten degradation using peptide libraries


Statements on current developments concerning gluten analysis,
clinical and legal aspects


Hertha Deutsch (+)
News from Codex and regulatory affairs


Peter Koehler, Fernando Chirdo, Hertha Deutsch, Thomas Mothes,
Olivier Tranquet, Katharina Scherf
Considerations concerning methods for gluten quantitation in foods
(R5/G12 ELISA)




PETER KOEHLER Freisling, Germany (+)

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