28th Meeting of the WGPAT

| Nantes, France, September 25 - 27, 2014



PETER KOEHLER Freisling, Germany (+)




Clyde Don, Elisabeth Halbmayr, Jech, Adrian Rogers, Peter Koehler (+)
Collaborative study on the immunochemical determination of intact gluten in
rice flour and rice based products by G12 sandwich ELISA - progress report


Katharina Konitzer, Herbert Wieser, Peter Koehler (+)
Quantitation of gluten in wheat starch by gel permeation chromatography
with fluorescence detection


Thomas Weiss, Christian Gößwein, Tina Dubois, Ulrike Immer (+)
Comparison of extraction methods for gluten analysis


Elisabeth Halbmayr- Jech, Lukas Frank, Adrian Rogers, Michael Prinster (+)
The oats mystery - Are they gluten free?


Luud J.W.J. Gilissen, Elma M.J. Salentijn, Hetty C. van den Broeck, Jan H.G.
Cordewener, Twan H.P. America, Jan G. Schaart, Ingrid M. van der Meer, Marinus
J.M. Smulde
r (+)
Quantitation of coeliac toxicity in wheat using genomics and proteomics


Katharina Konitzer, Herbert Wieser, Peter Koehler (+)
Estimated quantities of gluten peptides arriving at the intestinal brushborder


Theresa Walter, Herbert Wieser, Peter Koehler (+)
Studies on the degradation of gluten with peptidases from different sources




Frits Koning (+)
Biased T cell receptor usage in coeliac disease


Marina Garcia, Natalia Bottasso-Arias, Constanza Bondar, Betina Corsico, Fernando
Differential expression of Fatty Acid Binding Proteins (FABPs)
in coeliac disease


Jean Dunne, James de Boisanger, Sarah Cooper, Louise Elliott, Greg Byrne,
Conleth Feighery
Potential role for intestinal myofibroblasts in coeliac disease


Margit Brottveit, Knut E.A. Lundin (+)
Gluten challenge in coeliac disease and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity


Victor Zevallos, Peter Olinga, Phan Bao Tung, Detlef Schuppan (+)
Alpha-Amylase/Trypsin Inhibitors elicit innate immune activation in murine
and human intestinal tissue explants


New guidelines of the ESPGHAN
for the diagnosis of coeliac disease


Thomas Mothes, Johannes Wolf (+)
Defining thresholds of antibody levels for the diagnosis of coeliac disease


Martin Stern (+)
A critical appraisal of the ESPGHAN guidelines for the diagnosis of
coeliac disease


Paul Ciclitira, Ikram Nasr (+)
ESPGHAN Guidelines - A gastroenterologists's view


Johannes Wolf, David Petroff, Dirk Hasenclever, Thomas Mothes (+)
Evaluation of serology in coeliac disease


Statements by participating organisations, representatives from
industry and guests


Angela Juhasz, W, John Rogers, Gerard Branlard, Tatsuya M. Ikeda (+)
Call for experts in order to set an Expert Working Group on Wheat Quality
under the International Wheat Iniative




PETER KOEHLER Freisling, Germany (+)

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